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Stremio Issues

Stremio Issues

The last few weeks we have received a lot of mail and Facebook messages from Stremio users who are having Stremio Issues with the latest version. In this article we are going to discuss the most common Stremio Issues. If you want more information about these Stremio Issues or how to solve them you will find more additional information on the official website of Stremio.

Please go further reading if your are experiencing one of these problems;

  • Stremio is slow
  • Stremio is unstable
  • No streams available
  • Subtitles Out Of  Sync

Stremio Is Slow

Many users are currently experiencing performance related issues after installing the latest version of Stremio. Fortunately the cause of this problem is easy to solve. Please follow these steps to solve this problem.

  • Update your current DirectX drivers
  • Update your current GPU drivers
  • Disable your anti-virus software (AVG is causing serious problems)

Do you still have problems with Stremio after following the above steps? Please send us a message with your problem, and we will try to help you. The development team of Stremio is working day and night on this problem, and promised us to deliver a solution as soon as possible. The most important thing is the feedback of the users. So please feel tree to share your Stremio Issues with us any time!

Stremio Is Unstable

If you are experiencing problems with an unstable installation of Stremio please follow these steps.

  • Update your current DirectX drivers
  • Update your current GPU drivers
  • Disable your anti-virus software (AVG is causing serious problems)

No Streams Available

We hear a lot of frustrated reactions of Stremio users who cannot watch content listed in the catalogue of Stremio. Why is that? And why is the content listed when it is not working? First of all, we have a lot of unofficial developer add-ons for Stremio. So it is not possible for us to check all of the content of the unofficial add-ons.

When you are having problems with “No Streams Available”, we would like to recommend you to install more add-ons within your Stremio application.  The developers of Stremio are working on a solution for this problem. So you can only see content that is available, and has streams online.

Subtitles Out Of  Sync

A very difficult problem is the subtitles. The reason why this problem is difficult is because we are not responsible for creating the subtitles. All of the subtitles are retrieved from big subtitle providers such as OpenSubtitles. We will do our best to find a better solution for syncing your subtitles with the video content.

Another solution is to switch subtitles while watching. You can click on “Wrong Subtitles” to select other available subtitles. Furthermore you can try to manually sync the subs with the keys G and H on your keyboard.


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