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Stremio APK

As you probable already know… You can’t download or install Stremio from the official Google Play Store.  But that’s not a reason for panic. In this manual we are going to help you with the installation of the Stremio APK file on your Android device. Please follow the step-by-step manual under here to complete the Installation Stemio APK. Questions? Please let us know on Facebook, or leave a message on the website.

Prepare Android Device

Before we can install the APK file on your device you need to prepare it. Please go to the following menu;


Enable the function “Unknown Sources”

How To Install Stremio For Android

Install Stremio APK Package

After enabling the function above you are ready to install the APK package on your Android device. Are you having problems with the installation of Stremio on Android? Please feel free to send us a message on Facebook. You can also leave a message under this article with your comment.

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