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How To Install Stremio On Windows

How To Install Stremio On Windows

This article describes “How to Install Stremio” on your Windows device.

On a frequently base our team is receiving questions from our visitors about the installation of Stremio. In this article we would like to explain how you can install Stremio on your Windows device. We try to be as clear as possible with this manual. Do you have questions after reading this article? Please feel free to ask our assistance on Facebook or on our forum. Do you want to read the manual “How To Install Stremio on Apple”? Please click HERE to read the steps for the installation of Stremio on Apple devices.

Download The Latest Version Of Stremio

OK, the first step of the installation of Stremio is simple. Before we can start with the installation we need to download the latest version of Stremio. Click HERE to go to the official Stremio website. Please click on the Windows icon to download the latest version. You can also install the BETA version of Stremio on your device. But please be noticed that not all of the functionalities are available or working correctly within this version.

How To Install Stremio 1

By clicking on the Windows icon you will download the installation of Stremio on your computer. When your download is finished you can click on the excecutable to start the installation.

How To Install Stremio 2

The Installation Of Stremio

After clicking on the installation package you will see the following screen.

How To Install Stremio 3

Wait for the installation to complete. When you see the following screen, click Finish to start start Stremio for the first time on your machine.

How To Install Stremio 4

Start Stremio For The First Time

After starting Stremio you will see the following screen. Because you are starting the application for the first time you need to register yourself to create a free account.

How To Install Stremio 5


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